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Alpine those myriads!

2004-Sept-11 Tribute To Daniel Johnston Concert
by Alpine Those Myriads at Drammen, Norway


"Spirit world rising" a tribute night to Daniel Johnston by Alpine those myriads!

Hi you all!
We're a band called Alpine those myriads! from Norway, and we're fanatic Daniel Johnston fans! When we first heard Daniel we agreed to never cover his songs, because we felt that we couldn't give his songs any justice. But know we've broken our little pact and thrown ourselves into the beautiful universe of Mr. Daniel Johnston.  Maybe we shouldn't have done it, but we are fools and, sad but true, fragile humans:-)

On September the 11th we decided to hold a concert to honor Daniel. We live in a city in Norway called Oslo, where Daniel isn't well known, and we thought we had to spread the word about Mr. Johnston's music.  The night that we performed were totally packed and the audience seemed to appreciate Daniel's songs hugely. We also think that we kind off managed to convert some people into listening and buying Daniel's music. At least we talked with people after the show and we discussed D.J. all night long:-)
Our band is a duo and the duo consists of Elijah Noah and Gypus Chelofan. We decided to give one set each of our favorite D.J. songs.  Here are the songs we did:

Elijah Noah:
Love defined
Tuna Ketchup
Phantom of my own opera
Don't let the sun go down on your grievances
Spirit world rising

Elijah played this songs with banjo

Gypus Chelofan:
I'll never marry
True love will find you in the end
Devil town
Rocket ship
What I've seen
Dream scream
Despair came knocking

Gypus turned Daniel songs into pure electronic tunes with his computer.

This night went so well that some "out-of-towners" invited us to do the tribute-night all over again. And on October the 24th a small town called Drammen in the deep fjords of Norway will experience the great songs of Mr.Daniel Johnston. We hope we won't ruin it:-)

If you want to check out our website, please do so at: www.alpinethosemyriads.org

Daniel speaks on the track "love in a fascist invention"
on Alpine those myriads! album
"yr Royal Jetlag Gospel"

Buy this album at www.ositorecords.com