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Aug 2017

Erika Pinktipps
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Polka Dot Rag
The What Of Whom

The Beatles

Lost And Found

Speeding Motorcycle
Live with Smutfish in The Netherlands

Honey I Sure Miss You
Artistic Vice
Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud
Continued Story

Daniel Johnston backstage in Boston 2009-10-15

Sept 4
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It is very politically correct these days to have a mission statement.   Here is ours... a work in progress.

- To collect and share news, information, and note-worthy trivia about singer / songwriter / artist Daniel Johnston.


- To propagandize the value of Daniel Johnston's work among the "less cultured", (and among the more-cultured if they'd give our tastes the time of day) :-)

- defray the costs of running a fan site through associate program links, and the sale of Daniel Johnston paraphernalia.  This site is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT undertaking.
- provide a sales outlet for Daniel Johnston that benefits Daniel Johnston (for example, art and shirts)



This site started as "songsofpain.com".   Someone complained that "songs of pain" would scare off people or draw an S&M audience, blah, blah, blah.  You know how it goes with a new idea - everyone is a critic.  So here we are and we aren't likely to ask for advice.  You can give it and we may listen, but we aren't asking for it.


As is often the case, the REASON for this site started with Daniel needing some pocket money.   It seems his DAD limits his spending, because it goes inevitably to his BAD HABITS.   In Daniel's case, you probably ask "which one?" - but what we're talking about here is EATING.


So your patronage here ACTUALLY HELPS DANIEL binge on unhealthy consumables.   Don't say I didn't tell you.  Not unlike the "your drug habit kills a little girl in Guatemala" commerical.

Other statements supporting our mission:

"The low-tech recording revolution began in the early 80s, when Daniel Johnston first started releasing homemade tapes of songs that chronicled his struggles with dead-end jobs and mental illness.  Now bands all around the world bypass the conventional strategies of recording in studios and releasing their music through record companies"  Bill Meyer , Jan 21 1994, Chicago Reader - Spot Check

Evert Nijkamp describes our strata of tastes in this way (we believe this statement was made some 10-12 years ago, and that the numbers today would be in excess of 10 million, not 100,000 - 200,000):

Well for those who do not know or understand. There is a worldwide scene of I guess in between 100.000 and 200.000 people enjoying "truly independent music" in the way I do. They go to shows in local clubs, buy vinyl, play in a band, etc. Most of the people are in a band or run a label, make a magazine, book shows, work in a club, or contribute in an other way to this scene. By the way people call me an ´┐Żlitist twit sometime, I hate that. I just happen to like non-chart music more, but I really don't have any problems with people liking Madonna, The Beatles, Sjostakovich, The Offspring, Mozart, Limp Bizkit or any other music
        Evert Nijkamp www.grunnenrocks.nl