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Aug 2017

Erika Pinktipps
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Polka Dot Rag
The What Of Whom

The Beatles

Lost And Found

Speeding Motorcycle
Live with Smutfish in The Netherlands

Honey I Sure Miss You
Artistic Vice
Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud
Continued Story

Daniel Johnston backstage in Boston 2009-10-15

Sept 4
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COVERS of Daniel's Music

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A Little Story Dr Bluepen
  Olive Daphne
  Richard there   (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
Ain't no woman gonna make a George Jones Outta Me The Arizona Quints mp3
Almost Got Hit By A Truck Duncan Miller mp3
The Messengers (Portland, OR)
  Jon Gretzinger aka "The Mr Kingdom Show" mp3
An Angel Cry Weird Paul Petroskey
An Idiot's End Dr Bluepen
And You Love It Fusibles mp3

Big Business Monkey

May Love

Matthew Shelton
Bloody Rainbow

The Justin Riner Project

Kramer (I Killed The Monster)
Dr Bluepen
  Das Pop mp3
Donnie Witt MySpace link
  Justin Amacio
Blue Clouds Mercury Rev on TRIBUTE CD
Blue Skis Will Haunt You From Now On Electric Ghosts (I Killed The Monster)
Brainwash Joe Smith
Broken Dreams Rhythm Rats "Ratrospect"
Dillweed   mp3
Brad Bittinger YouTube Link mp3
Bye Bye Barbie Brit Benjamin mp3
  Los Vaqueros mp3
  Logan Archer mp3


Chris Robinson

Half Japanese

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Casio Casanova
Jimmy Ray Love Fiasco
Keith Morris MySpace link  Keith-Morris.com mp3
  Mike Doughty - Sad Man Happy Man
  Todd Hebert kids
  Danny Calise MySpace link
  Brit Benjamin mp3
  Me and Lucy
  Dr Gonzo mp3
Cathy Cline R Stevie Moore (I Killed The Monster)
Chord Organ Blues Noah Parriott
Brit Benjamin mp3

Cold Hard World


Come See Me Tonight Preying Hands
Michael Allen
Cosmic Kid Kickstand (I Killed The Monster)
Matthew Shelton
Crazy Love Dodo Bird
  Tyler Rigney  mp3
  El Mal Menor mp3
Danny Don't Rap So & So (an "interpretation" and tribute)
Josh Cooper (actually, a "mis-representation")
Davinare Chris Robinson
Dead Lover's Twisted Heart Starlight Mints on TRIBUTE CD
Death My Boy Friend The Pilot
Dem Blues Joe Smith
Despair Came Knocking The Healthy Home
  Alpine those myriads
Desperate Man Blues Kathy McCarty
Rod Webber  mp3
de portables   (video mp3

Devil Town

A Subtle Plague

  Bradley, Joel & Nicole Dollanganger
  Good Ol' Days
The Frames
Groovie Ghoulies
Bright Eyes with Nick Zinner on TRIBUTE CD
Dana is gone
Tony Lucca featured on NBC's "Friday Night Lights", October 10, 2006
  Who Dug Bellfast? mp3
  Billy Castillo  mp3
  Fear 2 Stop
The Haints
  Noah and the Whale mp3
  Spiritualized MySpace link
  Alexandre Favre YouTube Link
  Speculativism  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Elefantelibre mp3
  Lucinda Williams
  David Blasco YouTube Link en Espanola
Do You Really Love Me Chris Robinson
  BMX Bandits
  Tyler Rigney mp3
  Balloons Is Fun  mp3 
  Cub on their Betti-Cola album (1992)
Don't Act Nice Matthew Shelton
Don't Be Scared Vatroslav (Croatia) mp3
Dream Scream Death Cab For Cutie on TRIBUTE CD
Alexander de Large & Superfreak  mp3
  Ben Myers  mp3
  ALexander de Large & Superfreak  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances The Pedestrians Pets
  Jeff Payne
  Trash Tennessee Prison Band
Clem Snide on TRIBUTE CD
Niall James Holohan
Rod Webber  mp3
Dot Allison (I Killed The Monster)
  Keith McFadden MySpace link mp3
  Will Madison  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
Don't Play Cards With Satan Drn Drn  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Super Afrikka   (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
Evening Stars Raphael Kidd  YouTube Link
Everlasting Love Easy Anthems MySpace link mp3
  Dean Dinning

Fate will get done

Pasley Shirts

Feels Good de portables mp3
Fish Das Pop mp3 
  A.K.A. Lurholm  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Mi Nombre Es Delores mp3
Fly Eye The Showers
Follow That Dream Kimya Dawson (I Killed The Monster)
Foxy Girl The Sutcliffe's (I Killed The Monster)
Frankenstein Love C J Kringle
Lionel Delamotte
Funeral Home John Wayne Shot Me
  Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio)
  Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music)
  Hand Grenades  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Speculativism  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Michael Marchant YouTube Link
Go Julian Donkey-boy
Sparklehorse with Flaming Lips on TRIBUTE CD
James Morris
Dana is gone
  Balloons Is Fun  mp3 
  Wally Farkas  mp3
  Richard Almeida   (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
Go Fast and Go Some More The Dick Panters (I Killed The Monster)
Going Down Kathy McCarty
Chris Harford  (I Killed The Monster)
Golly Gee Kathy McCarty

Good Morning You

Wimp Factor 14

Sparklehorse (live performance)
The Rabbit on TRIBUTE CD
  Tyler Rigney YouTube Link
Got To Go On Matthew Shelton
Gerry Nobody 
Grievances Kathy McCarty
  Make Music Not Money
Jason Irvin's Vehicle (Mysterious Snowman) on Barny Fife Records.
Dr Bluepen
Dana McGinnity "Cry  For Help"
Dillweed   mp3
  Nini mp3
  Devin Naughton YouTube Link
Happy Time Dr Bluepen
autopilot   mp3
  Jane Error  MySpace link 
Hate Song Kathy McCarty
Held the Hand Younolovebunny
  DEEK Records
  Blood Music (singer from First Floor Power)
Joy Zipper (I Killed The Monster)
  Matia Cantante  mp3
  Pau O'Bianchi MySpace link mp3
  El Mal Menor mp3
  Rodrigo Daniel mp3
Hey Joe Jacob Faurholt
  Haphazard Songs

Sparklehorse on Good Morning Spider

De Artsen (Holland) on "Conny Waves With a Shell"
Joe Smith
de Portables  mp3
  The Subcontinentals mp3
  David Fagan MySpace link mp3
  mexicanvader  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  billcarson  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Javier Areal Velez mp3
Honey I sure miss you beraffe
  Alex Skalany
  James Kochalka Superstar
Television Personalities
The Danksworth Orchestra   mp3
Jad Fair & Kramer (I Killed The Monster)
  Tyler Rigney mp3
  Islands MySpace link
  Moreno - Six Pack mp3
How I Love the Organ Music Gerry Nobody 
I Am a Baby (in my own universe) Kathy McCarty
Kitchen Cynics
Rachael Davis
  Dave Krochenski YouTube Link
I Did Acid with Caroline Fields of Gaffney
  Bon Figlio
Chris Robinson
Niall James Holohan
  The Importance of Birds   (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Manu Thompson mp3
I Feel So High beraffe
  Yokio Yung
I Had a Dream Kathy McCarty
I Had Lost My Mind School Road 7
  Tyler Rigney  mp3
  Alexis Moore
  Los Migues mp3
I Hate Myself Gerry Nobody 
I Live My Broken Dream Storm Kills 4  MySpace link
  Dead Bugs   (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Hanagata Noiser mp3
  Dr Gonzo mp3
  Zachary Gagnier mp3
  Zachary Anderson
I Met Roky Erickson S/T (Frankfort, Germany, 1995) mp3
I Picture Myself with a Guitar JR's Taste of Texas
  Agnostic Asylum
  Amukan mp3
  Evil Cannibal mp3
I Remember Painfully Bedlam Rovers
I Save Cigarette Butts P (with Johnny Depp and Gibby from B-hole Surfers
Matthew Shelton
  Energy Without The Sun MySpace link
I'd Like to Say Goodbye Gerry Nobody   mp3
I'll Never Marry Brittany J Benjamin mp3
  Jane Butane
I'm A Baby In My Universe Tiempo Negro
I'm A Song Gerry Nobody 
I'm Gonna Buy Me A Car Shand Walton LISTEN TO IT HERE mp3
  Easy Anthems MySpace link mp3
  Camilo Kraxberger mp3
Impossible Love The Pedestrians Pets
  Gordon Gano on TRIBUTE CD

It's over

Fellow Travelers

Kathy McCarty
Tess (I Killed The Monster)
  Dr Bluepen
Keep Punching Joe Tim Schmidt  YouTube Link
King Kong Half Japanese
Jad Fair
Tom Waits on TRIBUTE CD
Laurie S/T (Frankfort, Germany, 1995) mp3
  Brit Benjamin mp3
  Toffeljagarn   (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
Like a Monkey in a Zoo Kathy McCarty
Vic Chesnutt on TRIBUTE CD
Dr Bluepen
  Sam Scumaci MySpace link
Life In Vain R  MySpace link  YouTube Link
  James Frank
  We Hold Hands and Jump
Rod Webber  mp3
Kenichiro Sato
Dr Bluepen
Thom Parker (video)
  Nowhere Boy Simon   (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  El Espiritu Del Deporte mp3
Living Life Kathy McCarty
Katie Dunton
  Vaginasore Jr  mp3
  Axel Avila
  German Corral mp3
  Derek Beck Vimeo
Lonely Song Pastels and Jad Fair
Jimmy Ray Love Fiasco 
Love Defined Groovie Ghoulies
  Tyler Rigney  YouTube Link
Love Enchanted Dr Bluepen
  Das Pop mp3
Love Not Dead Thrisle (produced by Jerry Harrison) on TRIBUTE CD
  Das Pop mp3
Lullaby Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits

Lonely Song



Jad Fair

Loner Gerry Nobody  mp3
Lousy Weekend Chicky  mp3
Cripes Almighty   mp3
  Virginia Verstraeten mp3
Love Wheel Kathy McCarty
Doc Zeller
Kathy McCarty
Dr Bluepen
Whitehair mp3
Emily Zuzik (I Killed The Monster)
  The Subcontinentals mp3
Man Obsessed International Colouring Contest
  The Brothers Wake  mp3
Mask Drowning Your Mother  mp3
Mean Girls Give Pleasure Fearless Dave and the Tsunamis
Mind Contorted The Little Glaciers
Major Matt Mason USA (I Killed The Monster)
Mind Movies Les Fleurs mp3
More Dead Than Alive Matthew Shelton
Mountain Top Tampopo
  Das Pop mp3
  Tobogan Andaluz mp3

Museum of Love

A Dead Cat
Chris Robinson
Kathy McCarty
de portables   (video mp3
  Tyler Rigney YouTube Link mp3
  Fanqmon (folk-esque) mp3
  Ver O Los Nihilistas mp3
Must Das Pop mp3 
My Life Is Starting Over Teenage Fan Club (with Jad Fair) on TRIBUTE CD

My Yoke is heavy

Sparklehorse on Distorted Ghost

Zachary Scott  mp3
Never Before, Never Again Whitehair mp3
Now Toby Goodshank (I Killed The Monster)
Oh No Kathy McCarty
Only Missing You Gerry Nobody 
Party de Portables  mp3
Peek A Boo Aaron Robinson YouTube Link
  Lauren Smith (Bettie Rebel) MySpace link mp3
Phantom of my own Opera Dr Bluepen
Pop Tunes Matthew Shelton
POW The Perfect Kevins
Psycho Nightmare Kung Fu USA
  El Monstuo Resucitado
Rock n Roll EGA The Loves
  Das Pop mp3
Rock This Town The Subcontinentals mp3
Rocket Ship Cho Young and the Davenports
Dead Milkmen
Kathy McCarty
  Alpine those myriads  YouTube Link
  Two Year Touqe
Rowboat Mad Francis (I Killed The Monster)
Running Water Kathy McCarty
Touch Me Zoo
Zachary Scott  mp3
Sad Sac + Tarzan beraffe
Said and Done Half Japanese (live version)
Scary Monsters David Bowie
Silly Love foglake
  Sarah Boehm
  Headrush Stroll
Highbench  mp3
  Das Pop mp3
  Jeff Sears
  Tyler Rigney  mp3
  David Western
  Brit Benjamin mp3
  Kyle Martucci mp3
  The Mr Kingdom Show mp3
Since I Lost My Tooth David Bowie
  Paul Rubenstein mp3
Some Things Last a Long Time Beck
Built to Spill
The Static Waves  mp3
  Beach House
  Doug Martsch  mp3
  Twilight Sad
  Easy Anthems MySpace link mp3
  Ryan Rebo mp3
  On Tape  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)

Sorry Entertainer

Kathy McCarty
Shana Kingsley
Calvin Johnston on TRIBUTE CD
Sound Noise
   Ed The Tractor  mp3
Speeding Motorcycle The Dishes
J W Americana
Mary Lou Lord
The Pastels
Rhythm Rats "Ratrospect" mp3
Soren Campbell
Yo La Tengo
  The B-Side Project  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
Spirit World Rising Paddybash
Spook Das Pop mp3
Squiggly Lines Brit Benjamin mp3
Story Of An Artist M Ward on TRIBUTE CD
  Mary Lou Lord
Alleged Artist  mp3
  Noah Adams  mp3
  Easy Anthems MySpace link mp3
  Poopy Longstuffing VIDEO
Sweat Heart Das Pop mp3
Syrup of Tears Dr Bluepen
  Das Pop mp3 
Tears Stupid Tears

Half Japanese

Rope, Inc (I Killed The Monster)
Tell Me Now (see Do You Really Love Me) beraffe
  Tampopo + Ditte D
  Chris Robinson
  BMX Bandits
  Tyler Rigney mp3
  Balloons Is Fun  mp3 
  Cub on their Betti-Cola album (1992)
The Adventures Of God As A Young Boy Jeffrey Lewis (I Killed The Monster)
The Beatles de portables   (video mp3
  Das Pop mp3 
  One Mississippi
The Devil is in Texas Chrome Cranks
The Creature / 3rd Chair Kathy McCarty
  Brittany J Benjamin mp3
The Sun Shines Down On Me Younolovebunny
  Manjabs Demonstration
Gerry Nobody 
Niall James Holohan
Guster on TRIBUTE CD
To Go Home Groovie Ghoulies
M Ward
True Love will find you in the End Elizabeth Moen
  Stephanie Darnielle
  Astronaut Husband
  Cooper Greenberg
  Dang It, Martha
  John Samaris
  Leo Zapata
  Jonas Lundval
  Small Engine Repair
  Emily Brundige
  Kenny Cassells
  Joe Matiella
  Elder Sister Plum
  Sonya Eryka
  King Christian
  Jesse Daniel Smith
  Jacob Fourholt
Vermooste Vloten on Ngongo
David Pajo (sang it live in Bristol and on mini album "Papa M")
The Loves
Chris Robinson
First Floor Power
Hannah Fury "Meathook" LISTEN TO IT HERE
Niall James Holohan
Milky Wimpshake
Skin Blues
The Reivers
Papa-M  on mini album "Papa M Sings"
The Butchers
  Matthew Good YouTube Link
  Alexis Moore
  The Capitol Years YouTube Link
  Jeff Tweedy MySpace link
  Basia Bulat
  Mobius Band
  Chris Morrin
  Jolly Vets  YouTube
  Kepi Ghoulie
  Uriel Garcia mp3
  Paos Blute
Adrian Crowley & James Yorkston YouTube Link
  Richard Walters MySpace link
  Spiritualized MySpace link
  Derrick Hart  MySpace link mp3  VIDEO
  David Fagan MySpace link mp3
  Easy Anthems MySpace link mp3
  Mat Hathorn  mp3
  Will Stenberg mp3
  Mates of State  VIDEO
  Alastair Ottesen  YouTube Link
  Tim Schmidt MySpace link
  Islands MySpace link
  Vanny Zero  (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Mr Bored mp3
  Jersey Killer mp3
  Jeff Liberty AKA Whitney Three YouTube Link MySpace link
  Adnan Sabir YouTube Link
  Hey Marseilles mp3
  Moonshine YouTube Link
  Nina Ferraro YouTube Link
  Crybaby mp3
  Christian Kuehn
Try To Love Das Pop mp3 
Tuna Ketchup Pepsorcist  mp3
  Shawn Spear  mp3

Walking the Cow

Nina Persson, A Camp

  Kula Shaker
  Jesse Woods
  Memorials Of Distinction
Jad Fair

Matt Watt w/ Steve Shelley & Lee Ranaldo

Niall James Holohan
A Camp


Pearl Jam mp3

Kathy McCarty
Chris Robinson
The Reivers
de portables   (video) mp3
John Polier
  Poonhead MP3  mp3
Concerto Caldonia
Kiki and Herb "Alive on Broadway"
Mike Watt (I Killed The Monster)
  The Harvey Girls  MP3  mp3
  TV On The Radio  YouTube Link
  Geisha  mp3
  Scott Masson  mp3
  Andrew-On-Thames mp3
  Eddie Vedder
  Alberto Montero  mp3
  Office  MySpace link  mp3
  Kent Watson mp3
  Cormac Heron  YouTube Link
  Gaston / Pory Lucsin  mp3 MySpace link YouTube Link
  Bleak on Saturday   (Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston)
  Gasti Kraqxberger mp3
  Jon Polier  mp3
  Mario Chaves Soundcloud
  Jim Marty mp3
Why, Without You Gerry Nobody 
  Tyler Rigney YouTube Link
Wicked World Osaka Popstar & The American Legends of Punk
Gerry Nobody 
The Doers
  The Subcontinentals mp3
Wild West Virginia Kathy McCarty
Worried Shoes The Pedestrians Pets
  Gerry Nobody 
Kathy McCarty
Dr Bluepen
Daniel Smith & Sufjan Steven (I Killed The Monster)
  Pierre Louis Drujon  mp3
  Karen O And The Kids (Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack) FLAVORWIRE mp3
  Brit Benjamin mp3
You Hurt Me Das Pop mp3
You Put My Love Out The Door Gerry Nobody mp3
Rhonda Harris (released by Cloudland in 1995, remastered and released again in 2001)
Rod Webber  mp3