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Aug 2017

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Daniel Johnston backstage in Boston 2009-10-15

Sept 4
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2007-Sept-4 Daniel posed in 1986 to promote his 1983 album Yip Jump Music
2007-July-1 Daniel with backing band in Cincinnatti, OH (actually Newport, KY) in May 2007
2007-Mar-20 Daniel performing in Toulouse France in 2005
2007-Feb-21 Daniel in his garage studio in 2003

2006-Nov-8 Daniel in 1985 working a McDonald's in Austin, Texas - photo thanks to Shelton Walsmith
2006-Sept-26 Daniel in his old garage studio in his parents house in Waller, Texas
2006-Sept-4 Daniel at the Alamo Draft House theater in Austin Texas at a special screening of the documentary - photo thanks to Denny Mack
2006-Aug-18 Daniel Johnston on MTV's "Cutting Edge" in 1986
2006-Jul-21 A younger Daniel.   Photo by Jeff Tartakov.
2006-Jun-12 Daniel on set with the Henry Rollins Show in L.A.  (photo courtesy Mark Fellman & Swift River Productions)
2006-Feb-12 Photograph of Daniel from the 80's by Niles Fuller
2006-Jan-27 Daniel with his parents about 1974 - the beginning of the years at home alone with his parents and all his siblings gone.
2006-Jan-13 Daniel holding up his "Hi How Are You" cassette tape on MTV's Cutting Edge in 1986
2005-Dec-28 The only photo we have a Daniel during his hospital stay.  This is after three and a half weeks when we was able to carry on conversations.  His mother and father are in the photo.
A computer enhanced version of an otherwise very blurred snapshot of Daniel in David Thornberry's apartment probably in 1982
2005-Dec-3 Daniel at Evreux, France in June 2003, photo thanks to Julien Aubry
Daniel on tour in 2003
2005-Nov-5 Daniel at Good Radio December 11, 2001
2005-Sept-6 Paul Leary and Daniel Johnston in the garage in Waller working on "Fun" in 1992 or 1993.
2005-Aug-24 Daniel standing in front of construction-in-progress on a house for him.  He has never owned a home, and building one next door to his parents seems the best thing for him for now.   See much more under "A House For Daniel"
2005-Aug-15 Daniel at the Groucho club in London in June - photograph by Immo - see FAN PHOTOS
2005-Jul-31 A very early school photo of Daniel - perhaps first or second grade
2005-Jul-8 Fan submitted photo of Daniel at Emos (Austin, Texas) in 1999
2005-Jun-23 A photo of the side of the Sound Exchange store in Austin Texas before it's conversion to the Baja Fresh Restaurant.
2005-Jun-11 Photo submitted by Christophe of Toulouse, France commemorating Daniel in Toulouse on June 3rd, 2005
2005-May-12 Daniel in mid to late 90's at Abby Road
2005-Apr-23 Courtesy of Maurice Narcis
photo by Deb Kinsella
Jeff Feuerzeig (director) and Henry Rosenthal (producer) on stage for question and answer after the Austin, Texas premier of "The Devil and Daniel Johnston"
photo by Todd V Wolfson
The long-overdue appearance of Kathy McCarty occurred Wednesday during the SxSW music festival, and a long-awaited re-uniting of Kathy and Daniel's music.
2005-Mar-14 Daniel with directory Jeff Feuerzeig outside the theatre at the PREMIER of the movie at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
2005-Feb-26 Daniel with director Jeff Feuerzeig and producer Henry Rosenthal outside the premier of the movie "The Devil And Daniel Johnston" at Sundance film festival 2005.
2005-Jan-18 Daniel Johnston in the fall of 2003 on one of the sets of the movie "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" with director Jeff Feuerzeig and producer Henry Rosenthal.
2004-Dec-25 A young Daniel in December 1970, digging in a snow drift in West Virginia
2004-Dec-3 In light of the news about the film "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" showing at Sundance in January 2005, here again is a photo of Daniel with Jeff Feuerzeig on the set during the film's making.
2004-Nov-20 Photograph by J McConnico
2004-Nov-4 A very current picture of Daniel plucking on guitars in a guitar shop in Houston this month.
2004-Oct-22 Daniel and his father on stage in Berlin in 1999 - this photo was used for the cover of the live album "Why Me" from Trikont records (available in Europe only).
2004-Oct-8 Daniel in his garage "studio", December 2001
2004-Sept-24 Daniel posing for interview photographer following a shopping spree
2004-Sept-9 A rare and unusually photo of Daniel in his McDonalds uniform in Austin Texas, about 1984
2004-Aug-28 Daniel in his back yard in Waller, Texas
2004-Aug-6 Digital Shot of Daniel used in the MUSIC VIDEO in the upcoming Tribute Album "The Late Great Daniel Johnston - Discovered, Covered"
2004-Jul-23 Daniel at the Cactus Cafe - July 23, 2004
2004-Jul-4 Daniel in his brother's room in West Virginia in 1970.  Daniel was nine years old.
2004-Jun-24 Daniel In London BBC Studios - August 2003
2004-Jun-9 Black & while photo from 80's
Daniel at Kalkscheune in Berlin, 2003
2004-May-22 Daniel in Japan, January 2004, at a vending machine that sells his CDs
2004-May-7 Daniel on tour with brother and nephews
2004-Apr-23 Daniel in NYC April 2004 with Rolling Stones Andrew Dansby, MTV writer Alan Cross and co-writer Paul, long time friend Ron English and
2004-Apr-14 Daniel at Discount Books in Austin Texas with Debbie and Joff from Sketchbook Records
2004-Apr-1 Daniel's picture on the back of "Sound Choice" magazine, Austin, Texas, 1987
Daniel at the Bridge in Osaka, Japan, February 2003
2004-Mar-4 Daniel in London, 2003
2004-Feb-20 Daniel in his garage / studio in December 2001
2004-Feb-14 Daniel working at McDonalds, Austin, Texas
in 1984
2004-Feb-5 Evidence of the coming reality of "Yip! Jump Movie" (or whatever it will finally be titled) which has moved into the final stages of completion.  Current release date is expected to be January 2004.  What?   A whole 'nother year?  It will be worth it.

Daniel's parents - Bill and Mabel Johnston - at their home in Waller Texas.

2004-Jan-15 Daniel Johnston - born January 22, 1961 in Sacramento California - is having his 43rd birthday this week!

Austin-American Statesman January 7, 2004 picture of "Hi How Are You" frog mural in Austin, Texas - in jeopardy of being destroyed


Daniel at Abby Road

2003-Dec-25 Daniel Johnston, Don Goede, Kimya Dawson - East Coast Tour, Spring 2003
2003-Dec-16 Yip! Jump! Baby. - Maximus Farrell  Goede
- born December 8, 2003 to Don and Jeana Goede
- is Daniel's new god-son.
2003-Dec-5 Daniel with filmmaker Jeff Feuerzeig on location in L.A. recreating scenes for the upcoming feature length documentary / movie.
2003-Nov-29 Daniel with his Grandfather in West Virginia - probably around 1988
2003-Nov-19 Daniel and Brian Beattie, about 1993
2003-Nov-14 Daniel at All Tomorrows Party Festival 2003
Daniel and a monster bash
2003-Oct-29 Daniel in London, July 2003
2003-Oct-18 Daniel with is father in France, 2000.  Thanks to Sandra.
2003-Oct-11 Your guess is as good a mine - submitted by a fan in France, 2002
2003-Oct-4 Daniel at his favorite pastime in (buying comic books).   This a a small shop in the old city in Copenhagen.
2003-Sep-21 Daniel and Jad Fair
2003-Sep-13 Daniel reclining in Japanese hospitality with his father during the February 2003 tour in Japan
Daniel early elementary school picture (in poor condition)
2003-Aug-28 Daniel arriving in London, July 2003
2003-Aug-15 Daniel following Shizuka into the Kalkscheune for the June 2003 show in Berlin.
2003-Aug-1 Daniel very happy to see a wide selection of his albums - old and new - in HMV Records in London this July.
2003-Jul-14 EARLY EARLY 80's picture of Daniel (thanks to Jodi Shannon)

Daniel at the Rubber Glove Rehearsal Studio May 2003


Daniel and Paul Leary


Daniel in Rolling Stones Magazine November 3, 1994

Read the article here.


Daniel and brother Dick at Disneyland, about 1978


Undated (apparently) professional portrait of Daniel


Professional photo of Daniel by Jack Hill, London - Jan 2003



Daniel "aglow" on stage in Tokyo - Feb 2003

These photos make Daniel's silhouette ghostly white on stage at his performance at Club Quattro in Tokyo Japan this last February.  (photos by Amy Trachtenberg)


Daniel and Kramer

During a truly bizarre time in Daniels career, Don Goede took this shot of Daniel and Kramer, capturing the "wild man" expression that was his state of mind.


Daniel in his garage studio December 2001

Daniel's world is a patchwork of images, sounds, memories, feelings that he finds release for in his studio a.k.a. his parent's garage.   Having "taken over" the garage, he ornaments it will art, posters, trinkets and thousands of albums and CDs.   Here he listens to music, smokes, composes, smokes, and waits for dinner time.  He sleeps most of the day and works at night.


Daniel school photo 1977

By the time Daniel was a Freshman in High School, his hair had developed that Einstein effect and he was known for his home-made comic books and caricatures.

Hmmm..  some striking similarities with the Featured Member this month!


Promotional Photo of Daniel in 1983 Homestead Records

This is a copy of a rare promotional photo taken of Daniel in 1983 for Homestead Records.  The photo captures Daniel in his "day-job" in those days at the McDonalds in Austin, Texas.  From here he evangelized his music, handing out hand-made cassette tapes until labels like Stress and Homestead published his works.


Daniel with mom and dad 1974

The last of five children to leave the nest, Daniel was still in High School, but already drawing up a storm and writing songs, and had a reputation among friends for his hand-made comic books and caricatures.  He never did really leave home for long, of course.   Mental health issues and failed attempts at making it on his own, he is today living in Waller, Texas with his parents - who are 79 and 80 years old.


Daniel at Abby Road


Daniel and Kathy McCarty sometime in the early eighties.



This is the plane crash in Arkansas (taken several days later) with his father standing nearby - caused by Daniel during a psychotic episode.

Both Daniel and his father were black and blue on the entire front of their bodies, but no broken bones.  Daniel spent the rest of that year in a mental hospital in Little Rock..