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Can’t Get Over You


Daniel Johnston –  2003


Dm   G    Dm   G   /    C    C7

Am   Em   Dm   G   C   G


 1   Just can’t get over you

Not knowing what to do

The things you do

Not knowing what to do

You wrecked my mind

You were so pretty – caught my eye

I felt I could break down and cry

Trapped in the twilight zone

Talking over the telephone

Over you      What can I do?


 2   Just can’t get over you

Oh, what you put me through

You make sad – I’m not that bad

To think that I’m just a silly boy

Who lost his love

With no where to find

True happiness had somehow evaded

Only you had loved and hated me so

Don’t you know   Lost down a lone highway

Thinking I had something to say to you

What can I do?


 3   Gone with a broken rhyme

See how they laugh at my saddened lyric

I’m still love sick I just won’t make it

Like I’m the loneliest of creatures in existence

You make me feel as if I can’t go on

More than a true religion

I’m at the 5 and dime

I’m in the lost and found

There in the broken mirror my cripple heart

It’s just a start of love’s horror


 4   And there amidst the ruins of my life

You took away my sadness and my strife

And there was love what joy

You saw me in a certain way

I was suffering

Pretending I was your friend

When all the while

I was hiding behind a smile

I was so lust in love with you

You made me blue

Your heart was true

I was in love with you

I just want more

I wanna score with you


 5   Just can’t get over you

And the thing you do

I love you still I always will