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Aug 2017

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Sept 4
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I Feel Like A Sunny Day


Cm  Gm  Fm  Eb  Dm  CCA   CCA

1 I feel like a sunny day

Be the end of my misery

So glad

Fate with a shadow in the past


In you heart there’s so much hate

I can hardly wait

I hope it’s not too late

Open arms greet me once again


2 Oh, the bliss of wanting you

So sad of losing you

And my Dreams fall

Like castles in the sand


Don’t you get lonely, too?

Don’t you know you’re a friend of mine

Now don’t you cry

It’ll all be over very soon


3 I will always be your man

Who flies around the world like superman

I would see you standing there

Like a prize in a cracker jack box


Oh, love, be not in despair


Loving your howdy do

I’m so in love with you

It’s all so insane

Thinking my thoughts in your brain


4 Lady I adore you so

Our love was heaven sent

And now I realize

Love is the answer sometimes “no”


I’m just a record playing

And if whatever I’m saying

Means nothing now

I’m not as alive as you might think


5 And with sad regret

I’s you I just can’t forget

Please listen to me, honey

Don’t you get so upset


I will see your shining face

Same as it always was

But I must be on the run

I’ll meet you in front of the church


A love that never dies

Don’t the moon look pretty tonight?