Daniel Johnston 






Last Song



(open) A7           C D A E G

Hi, how are you these days?

Everything seems sort of crazed

And I feel so lazy I could cry

I feel like I could lay down and die.


And I feel like my life is already gone

And it seems so hard just to get it on

Though I think I’ll try just for fun

Though I fail


I love you all, but I hate myself

And there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can help

And everything has turned out bad

I’m so sad


Why do you think I’ll never give up?

Drinking from my broken cup

Although I’ll never get enough

I’ll never fall in love again

It’s a sin - I just can’t win


It’s like we were both stupid fools

And hatred and horror ruled our worn out brains

It’s the same old 'Songs of Pain'

Gone public domain


I been thru life like a comedy

And everybody laughing at me

Trying to kick me out of reality

One foot in heaven the other in hell

I could just kill


And I feel as if time is on my side

And it’s just the beginning of Star Wars

And I wish I had a girl

Or even a whore


Who in the hell do you think you are

You take my money, my house, my guitar

Then you call me a liar

I’m so tired


And it seems as if the road just goes on and on

And I’m gonna write a letter to my friend, Ron

And my dad is outside mowing the lawn

Till the dawn