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Weary Rock n Roll

C  G  Em          C D G Em   C D G
                       C D G Em   C D G
1 Don’t know really where to go
Maybe Paul Leary ought to know
All get together some kinda show
Play dat weary rock and roll
Love that weary rock and roll music
It’s the sound track of the world
Seems them times are gonna show and how!
Bring that weary rock and roll
2 So many bands are gonna fold
Even the Beatles left the coast
But still new ones do appear
So long live rock and roll
Day by day that rock and roll (rock and roll)
Brain washed teenagers, it’s all they know
Changing the face of history - it’s all a show
It’s that crazy rock and roll
3 Saw Led Zeppelin atop a mountain
ZZ Top was sure to follow
In my sorrow I was right there with them
Listening to my radio
As time marches on that rock and roll
Reign forever that rock and roll
Touching my very heart and soul - do die!
Nothing like that rock and rock
4 Don’t you know it’s all a dream?
Angels hold us at high esteem
And if famous rock stars ever go to heaven
I always wish I’d be one of them
OR (Pray that we had believed in ‘em)
As if forever that rock and roll – rock on!
Worn out records sure to prove
Help us through a lonely life, dear God!
Play that weary rock and roll
Other verses:
They may bury you in a hole
Take your house and take your soul
But one thing that’s really cool
You’ll always have your rock and roll