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Aug 2017

Erika Pinktipps
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Polka Dot Rag
The What Of Whom

The Beatles

Lost And Found

Speeding Motorcycle
Live with Smutfish in The Netherlands

Honey I Sure Miss You
Artistic Vice
Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud
Continued Story

Daniel Johnston backstage in Boston 2009-10-15

Sept 4
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Each month (or some other arbitrary unit of time) someone will be chosen for this spot.  Who will that be, you ask?  No, I did hear the question! - Maybe it wasn't you.  Okay, how about a fan who helps out with this site?  What a nanny idea!   Do we have you trained yet?  I'll check my email.

Don't quit your day job.  Just send us news, pictures, comments, your own art, cash, etc.

  August 2017 - Erika Pinktipps - Daniel's new promoter!    Thanks for all you are doing, Erika!
  June - 2012 - West Rubinstein - at Supreme NEW YORK licensed a line of Daniel's t-shirts
  March 2012 - Wes Harris - from BOOM! Publishing for making Daniel's first published comic book a reality.
  February 2012 - Hey Marseilles - for his cover of TRUE LOVE WILL FIND YOU IN THE END - see FEATURED COVERS
  January 2012 -
  December 2011 - Joe Cordi for his contribution on the HAND MADE "Hi How Are You" wall mural refrigerator magnets and ornament.
  October 2011 - Wes Harris is Daniel's comic book publisher at Boom! Comics
  August 2011 - Brett Hartenbach (Daniel's guitar accompanist) and Dawn Boyer (his wife) will be traveling with Daniel to Europe and the NW U.S. in August.   A year ago, Brett was suddenly unable to travel with Daniel, and has been dealing with a brain tumor.   We are thrilled at the likelihood he will be be able to play with Daniel in August!
  January-July2011 - Janice Grube,Aubrey Dean, Dan Kroeger, Don Shelford, Trent Johnson, Dean McBeth, Jason Roark, Jeff Simmons, Dom Murphy, Ryan Barkan, Tom Gimbel - These are folks from Kennedy & Weiden in Portland, OR, Radio23.org in Portland, OR, and Ryan Barkan from Primary Wave Music in NYC who together (with many others) gave Daniel a great 50th birthday gathering in Austin, Texas on January 22nd and kicked off Daniel's new Streaming Radio program at radio.hihowareyou.com
  November-December 2010 - Christopher Altenburg - for donation a par of the Converse "Worried shoes" to Daniel - see photos under FAN PHOTOS
  October 2010 - Jon Gretzinger for the contribution to COVERS and Blaine Puckett for his contribution of CHORDS for The Dream Is Over
  September 2010  - Kyle Martucci for the contribution to COVERS
  August 2010 - Alastair Ottesen for the contribution to COVERS and Annelise Atkinson for the contribution to FAN ART
  July 2010 - Christian Mojallali for his contribution of CHORDS
  June 2010 - Stijn Everaert for his contribution of FAN PHOTOS and Brit Benjamin for contribution of COVER SONGS (see COVERS)
  May 2010 - Dominic Tivadar, Harm Logghe, John Rosales, and Juan Montoya Lopez for their contributions to FAN ART
         - Johan Ramnebrink and Mandane Brasseur for their contributions to FAN PHOTOS
         - Brit Benjamin for her cover of Worried Shoes (see COVERS)
  Apr 2010 - Olive for her contribution of comics in FAN ART
  Mar 2010 - Neil Sangtez and Jonathan Jacques for their submission of FAN ART
  Feb 2010 - John Rosales and Rachel Ohmand for their hand mand Daniel Johnston art SHOES (see FAN PHOTOS)
  Jan 2010 - Aaron Robinson, Mat Hathorn, Cormac Heron for their contributions of COVER SONGS (see COVERS)
  Dec 2009 - Drew Hoffman for his contribution of a FAN TATOO
  Nov 2009 - Adam Foster, Cole Dawson, Francisco Amarillo, Monty Cline and Andy (from Louisiana) for their TATOO submissions
Sept-Oct 2009 - Kent Watson - for his submission of Walking The Cow (see COVERS)
Sept-Oct 2009 - Pau O'Bianchi - for his submission of Held The Hand cover (in Spanish) (see COVERS)
  Sept-Oct 2009 - ANONYMOUS - for his submission of Lyrics for Power Of Love, Wish, Living It For The Moment, and Forever Your Love (see LYRICS)
  Aug 2009 - ANONYMOUS - for his submission of lyrics for Death Of Satan (see LYRICS)
  July 2009 - Monty Cline - for his submission of a tattoo (see FAN PHOTOS)
  June 2009 - Cole Dawson - for his submission of leg tattoo (see FAN PHOTOS)
  Mar 2009 - Adam Foster - for his submission of tattoo pictures (see FAN PHOTOS)
  Dec 2008 - Benjamin Dmoch - for his submission of a drawing of Daniel (see FAN ART)
  Nov 2008 - Matthew Jon Oliver - for his submission of a tribute song and video (see FAN VIDEOS)
  Oct 2008 - Conor McCabe - for submission of song chords
  June 2008 - Jeff Newman - for arranging the crafting and manufacturing of the Jeremish the Innocent toy frog.
  May 2008 - Scotty O'Neill - for arranging an incredible Europer/U.K. / Ireland tour featuring Sparklehorse, Scout Niblett, James McNew of Yo La Tengo, Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair of Half Japanese.
  April 2008 - Glenn Davis - Thank you for the tab corrections.
  March 2008 - Laura Anderson Hendell - Thanks for your contributions and company with Daniel on tour!
  January 2008 - Esteban Ruiz - Thanks for his contribution of 'fan art'
  December 2007 - Keith Cheek - thanks to one of our "veteran" fans for his part in passing the baton on to the next generation.
  November 2007 - Chris Butcher - thanks to Chris for lyics and tabs contributions
  October 2007 - Ana Bagayan - thanks to Ana for the contribution of her "I'm Doing Just Fine" painting included on the HiHowAreYou.com banner this month
  August 2007 - Molly Andrews - Molly has stepped up to thse plate and contributed more lyrics and lyric corrections last month than any other single fan.   Thank, Molly.
July 2007 - Tyler Rigney
- thanks to Tyler for his submissions of covers and YouTube video.
  June 2007 - Gist Finley - thanks to Gist for his contribution / updates to song chords
  May  2007 - Denise LaFrance - thanks to Denise for the amazing water color portrait of Daniel under FAN ART
  April 2007 - Ricardo Ramo - Thanks, Ricardo, for your contributions to song lyrics for the fan site.
  March 2007 - Justin Sullivan - thanks, Justin, for your contributions for updates to the fan site. 
  February 2007 - Will Thompson - thanks, Will, for your contribution to song tabs for the fan site. 
  January 2007 - Yohan Bordage - Geneva, Switzerland - thanks, Yohan, for keeping us updated with information from Daniel's TOUR HISTORY 
  November 2006 - Jeff Sears - Athens, GA - thanks, Jeff, for your recent COVER submission and your on-going support at the forum and web site. 
  October 2006 - Zach - a.k.a. "Frustrated Artist" a.k.a. "Zach26"  - thanks, for your incredible on-going contributions to the forum - most recently two new tab contributions (see http://messageboard.hihowareyou.com/index.php/topic,767.0.html) and sheet music!!
  September 2006 - Dana McGinnity - thanks, for your on-going contributions to the web site - most recently two new covers "Go" and "Devil Town" and the information about Goers in Canada covering Daniel's music.     (see Featured Covers)
www.danaisgone.da.ru or www.myspace.com/danaisgone   www.thedoers.com
  August 2006 - Adam Brooks - thanks, Adam, for your contribution of tabs and lyrics to the IFC television performance by Daniel (on the Henry Rollins Show) of "Mask"
  July 2006 - Alessandro Galasi - there are many fans contributing tabs, lyrics, photos, and news to the web site.  This month - thanks to Allesandro for the well done TAB for "Fish"
  January 2006 - Robbert-Jan van Duyn - sometimes fans to genuinely noble things for Daniel that bear recognition, but the problem is that the person did not do it for the recognition.  Therefore, the compromised approach will be to say, "Thank you Robbert" and leave his good works for revealing in the judgment.
  December 2005 - Seokho Zeon - (a.k.a. "noisecat") an ardent fan from South Korea is one of many who contribute material including tabs and corrections www.thenoisecat.com
  November 2005 - Sandra Reignoux - a long time friend of Daniels, Sandra is an ardent collect of Daniel's work and this summer was instrumental in orchestrating several exhibits in Europe.
  October 2005 - Daniel Potter - there are some incorrigible fans who over time put a lot of energy and personal commitment into things related to Daniel Johnston.  Daniel Potter is a long time fan and collector.
  September 2005 - Gina Reynolds - people regularly do little things and sometimes bigger things in their enthusiasm for Daniel - this month Gina made a trip to see Daniel following news of his depression, and it proved a remarkable bright spot in his month.   Thanks Gina.  (photo is not a recent photo!)
  August 2005 - Gavin and his wife, Silke, (of Scotland) are ardent fans of Daniel and are responsible for the "Rarities" 13-CD compilation that was very hot on eBay about two years ago.   Gavin passed from this life from an impending heart problem following surgery in May.

see http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/glasgow_chd_patients

  July 2005 - David Carroll of Tinley Park, Illinois  (HERE on the fan list)- there are some fans who will stop at nothing to be helpful, and David Carroll is an avid enthusiast for Daniel's art, and given the opportunity, he supplied Daniel with much needed professional grade art supplies.   Thank you David, for your generosity!
  June 2005 - Hannah Fury of Austin, Texas is a model fan, exemplified this month by her recruitment of new fans and active research for European fans on where Daniel will be and when.  There are many more out there who do this kind of thing regularly.  Thanks, Hannah.
  May 2005 - Jeff Feuerzeig, director of the motion picture, "The Devil and Daniel Johnston", along with Henry and crew members, spent the last 3 1/2 to 4 years collecting material and following Daniel around the world to film him for this documentary.  The documentary has won acclaim at numerouse film festivals, and is now sold to Tartan Pictures in the UK, and to Sony Pictures in North America. 
  April 2005 - Henry Rosenthal, producer of the motion picture "The Devil and Daniel Johnston"  along with Jeff and crew members, spent the last 3 1/2 to 4 years collecting material and following Daniel around the world to film him for this documentary.  The documentary has won acclaim at numerouse film festivals, and is now sold to Tartan Pictures in the UK, and to Sony Pictures in North America. 
  March 2005 - Raphel Thorel
  January 2005 - Ryan Gurney (HERE on the fan list) is our volunteer "down-under" evangelist of the Daniel Johnston message.   Ryan personally crusaded to insure Daniel Johnston CDs be made available in Australia.   His energy and continued involvement are an example of the kind of spontaneous help offered by fans that makes a difference!  Your guess is as good as mine as two which of the two characters in the photo is Ryan!  Thanks, Ryan.
  2004 - HONORARY MEMBER OF THE YEAR - John Oudt, owner of the Baja Fresh Franchise in Austin, Texas responded to the sentiments of the community and fans by preserving the "Hi How Are You" mural on the side of the old Sound Exchange Music building on Guadelupe and 21st street.   This was done at considerable cost from design changes and construction delays.   Our hats off to John, and while his personal interests in Daniel Johnston may not have developed, his action at great expense is appreciated by fans around the world - hence we hold him out as the "honorary member of the year -2004".  Thanks John Oudt.
  November 2004 - Finally - while there are a LOT of other people that deserve prominent recognition in the DISCOVERED COVERED tribute / Benefit album project, we recognize the president of Gammon Records, Taylor Clyne this month.   Taylor agreed from the beginning to undertake the project and has supported it throughout at great expense and attention from Gammon Record.   Thank you, Taylor.
  October 2004 - In continued recognition of the benevolent contributions of professionals on the DISCOVERED COVERED tribute album, Mark Miller and his team (Greg Gilpatrick, Tom Shirley, Gary Lieb, Aaz) are this month's "honorary members.

Mark Miller is the creator of the video to Davinaire on Daniel's 1999 album "Rejected Unknown".  For the tribute, and under very short notice, he and this team of professionals put together the music video for "Rock This Town" which can be found on the 2nd CD of DISCOVERED COVERED.

"Rock This Town" Video:
Mark Miller - Producer
Greg Gilpatrick co-director (www.randomroom.com )
Tom Shirley Co-Director (www.monkeysrobots.com)
Gary Lieb - Art (Twinkle Studios)
Aaz - Art (www.kazunderworld.com )

  September 2004 - Many friends of Daniel over the years had done a great deal to help him.   There is no doubt that things today would have been very different if it weren't for each one that sustained hope for Daniel through their period of connection with him.  It is their efforts and sacrifice that have brought all friends, fans, and family to where they are today.  September will be a quiet bow in this corner for "member of the month" to Jordy Trachtenberg of Gammon Records.  He had the connections, he had the disposition, and he had the heart to bring this Tribute CD together.   From all of us at RejectedUnknown and fans who stop to care, thank you for your sacrificial gift to Daniel in the culmination of "Discovered Covered - The Late Great Daniel Johnston".  
  July 2004 - John Smele - I can never traverse the fan list without pausing on John Smele to read his comments.  Being at the school in Glasgow kinda lends added credibility to what the rest of us are saying - and of course, he says it so well.  Thanks John.
  May / June 2004 - Drew - the original RejectedUnknown webmaster has returned to complete re-writes of RejectedUnknown.com (to be seen soon) and the members area, and Fearyourself.com.  FearYourself.com will have a major impact on exposing people to Daniel as a resource for college radio.  This is the force behind a lot of web development for Daniel.   See www.drewjoh.com .
  April 2004 - Tim Layton - along with other helpful members this month reviewed the lyrics for use on the new Tribute album - and may lyrics besides those on the album.   Thanks, Tim.
  March 2004 - Henry Long - Henry may be the kind of guy who doesn't care for being singled out in this way, but he is a LONG time supporter of Daniel, and an involved member and FORUM participant with insightful and entertaining comments on art and music - clearly one of those well-read artsy types :-) !   Yes, he is a musician and accomplished artist himself (see http://dsn320-n1014t.wilmcoll.edu/~user44/HenryLong/index.html )  He also writes for various publications and will be interviewing Daniel in New York in April.
  February 2004 - redacted jumped in to save the Austin Mural from as far away as Finland, showing off his MASSIVE Daniel Johnston art collection and brandishing his Hi How Are You T-Shirt.  Subsequently, it has become apparent that the art you see in this picture is not ALL the Daniel Johnston art Jason owns.   He is an avid collector and an active protector of everything "Daniel Johnston", and gets our February 2004 member of the month recognition.

redacted is also an ARTIST (see MEMBER LIST) and you can see his work at

  January 2004 - Matthew Lombardo is our member of January for the new year - he has enthusiastically contributed half a dozen lyrics from the Why Me album - the Lyrics section now covers 111 songs!   THIS is how this site collects this material!  From you!  Thanks to Matthew and other members like him.
  December 2003 - Matt Owen AKA Santa - I don't know, it just seemed right.
  November 2003 - Doug Sulpy - Beatles mania trivia expert and animated support of Daniel and this site.
  October 2003 - Otavio from Brazil.  It's not clear to me how someone in Brazil found out about Daniel Johnston, but he does not lack for zeal.  In particular, Otavio was the driving force behind the fan-sponsored "Everything Daniel Johnston" Message Board, or "Yip Jump Message Board".  Thank you, Otavio
  September 2003 - Peewee - just look at that face! - for the digital art dedicated to Daniel - see member list
  August 2003 - Sometimes we have to elect HONORARY members - hard working souls who who don't "sign up" as members, and maybe are more reserved about submitting candid photos like our current list - but they are "members" in every other sense.   Such is the case this month with Debbie Mortimer of Sketchbook records - far about the call of duty in the preparation and execution of the June/July European tour and the August Spain/UK tour.  Thank you, Debbie.
  July 2003 - John of Important Records, or "John Important", or better yet "important John" is an avid supporter and fan who has supported RejectedUnknown.com from the beginning.  Thanks, John

June 2003 - Judy (of "So & So") has patiently put up with Daniel, but got his attention at a recent East Coast concert!   Listen to her remake of "Danny Don't Rapp" under Featured Cover

May 2003 - Justin provided some highly professional video clips of Danny and the Nightmares at 710 Room in Austin.   The entire filming was done with multiple cameras and integrated with interviews as a brief documentary.  This was aired on Austin cable television.  Then Justin took the extra effort of building some Real video clips that we could post on Rejected Unknown.   Thanks, Justin.

April 2003 - Chris Robinson is a maverick movie buff and musician, and avid supporter of Daniel.  Check out his list of covers and web site.

March 2003 - Tim Layton (it is rumored that Tim wore this shirt before Kurt Cobain!   Kurt just happened to do it on national television first.) - Thanks Tim, for your enthusiasm!

February 2003 - Gerard Farrell - thank you Gerard for pausing to forward news items about Daniel to us.   Keep it up!

January 2003 - Jeremy Kemp - for no valid reason!