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Aug 2017

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Polka Dot Rag
The What Of Whom

The Beatles

Lost And Found

Speeding Motorcycle
Live with Smutfish in The Netherlands

Honey I Sure Miss You
Artistic Vice
Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud
Continued Story

Daniel Johnston backstage in Boston 2009-10-15

Sept 4
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Daniel Johnston streaming radio
Yip Eye Tunes.com
Download mp3's for 24 of Daniel's albums at his DIGITAL DOWNLOAD site

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2007-December 11
  Yip Eye Tunes.com Finally!   Daniel's Digital Download site
YipEyeTunes.com is now open.

Use the DOWNLOAD Card included in the vinyl's Hi How Are You and Yip Jump Music to download the mp3s, or buy any of 425 tracks or 23 albums - many from out-of-print albums.

2007-November 20
METV Viewer's Choice
Daniel METV

Daniel Johnston Live @ ME Studios has been selected as one of the nominees for ME Television’s inaugural awards – 2007 Music and Entertainment Viewer Choice Awards.  

  • Best Austin Video
  • Best ME Live!
  • Best Studio Performance
2007-October 30
 Eternal Yip Eye Music classics Hi How Are You and Yip Jump Music on VINYL available NOW
The VINYL ALBUMs include a card to download the digital tracks free from Daniel's new digital site www.YipEyeTunes.com
(now open)!

(Yip Jump is a 2-LP album)
Yip Jump Music vinyl cover Hi How Are You vinyl cover
2007-October 8
Daniel's "Speeding Motorcycle" included on Guillemots Favorite Tune LP compilation
 "Back To Mine"
(buy it HERE)
Guillemots compilation
  Oxford American Magazine
This month's MUSIC ISSUE of Oxford American Magazine a 26 Track CD with a song from Daniel and an article on Daniel
2007-September 26
Rolling Stone Rolling Stone lists the documentary
by Jeff Feuerzeig in the
top 25 music DVDs of all time
The Devil And Daniel Johnston
2007-September 18
Lost and Found CD cover
Buy this item in our web store HERE
Daniel's album "Lost And Found" produced by Brian Beattie was released in the U.K. in 2006, and will be released in North America November 25th, 2007 on Daniel's label Eternal Yip Eye Music.

The U.K. release is available in our store NOW (identical to U.S. release but on a different label)
Also coming soon, the re-release of Discovered Covered, Artistic Vice and
1990 on Daniel's label
Artistic Vice CD cover1990 CD cover
2007-September 3
Daniel on KCRW Listen to Daniel with Gary Calamar on KCRW "Open Road" radio show
2007-August 2
Mastercard commercial with clip of Daniel's "To Go Home"
(performed by a band for use in the commercial)
 More videos FAN VIDEOS
2007-July 21
Evening Standard Lite "This is London" review  UNION CHAPEL review.
More photos and REVIEWS from Ireland / U.K. tour under TOUR NEWS
2007-July 10
Lousy Weekend - Thanks to morganenosfilms
 More videos FAN VIDEOS
2007-July 6

Daniel prepares for return tour in the U.K. in July.   

The Point, Cardiff Bay - July 16

Indian Summer Fest, Glasgow - July 14

London - July 13 - tba

Union Chapel, London - July 12 SOLD OUT
Vicar Street, Dublin - July 11

Daniel makes several U.S. tours in August

Savannah Smiles - Savannah, GA - Aug 12

Popfest, Athens, GA - Aug 11

Exit In, Nashville, TN - Aug 10
Hi Tone, Memphis, TN - Aug 9

House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA - Aug 8

Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, CA - Aug 22

Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - Aug 23-24


Spiegeltent - New York City, NY - Sept 4

Daniel completes three week tour in Canada, U.S, and U.K.   TOUR NEWS
Show Up By 4:30 PM Daniel tours Eastern Canada, U.S., and U.K. in May.   See TOUR DATES

MTV rolls out the carpet for Daniel in Toronto May 7th

Second show May 15th
- if you missed getting tickets to the High Line Festival event May 16, there is now another show in Brooklyn at the Warsaw on May 15 - Daniel performs with the help of Brett Hartenbach and Joe McGinty.
Daniel completes the first tour of 2007 with Smutfish and Das Pop
The Netherlands and Belgium - see TOUR NEWS and FEATURED COVERS
The Netherlands / Belgium tour closes with Daniel and Das Pop on stage at AB Brussels.

Listen to mp3s of a few of
Das Pop's covers of Daniel's songs under FEATURED COVERS
Das Pop band members Reinhard Vanbergen, Niek Meul, and Bent Van Looy
Das Pop
Smutfish band members
Dick, Melle, Sean, and Rob
Christopher and Daniel completes his final show on The Netherlands / Belgium tour, with the bands Smutfish and Das Pop

Brussels offers a warm welcome, and Daniel receives a personalized tribute from young performers singing "Grievances" VIDEO

Rhapsody Radish
Burke BLOG launches Daniel Johnston RHAPSODY campaign
OVER THE TOP FESTIVAL - Toronto, Ontario May 6
ATP vs Fans - Somerset, U.K May 19
24 NEW SONGS added to LYRICS lists
Check out who COVERS Daniels songs
Recent addition FEATURED COVERS: "Silly Love" by Highbench 
Tell us about YOUR cover
Daniel Johnston at David Bowie HIGH LINE FESTIVAL - May 15 2007
David Bowie will curate the inaugural High Line Festival, to be held in May 2007 in neighborhoods underneath the High Line, a public park being created atop a long-abandoned elevated railway line on the west side of Manhattan.   Daniel Johnston will perform May 16 at the High Line Ballroom.

Everyone wants to hear more about the HIGH LINE FESTIVAL:

Brooklyn Vegan
2007 TOUR DATES New appearances set for Daniel in CANADA for May!    Belgium in April!  See TOUR DATES
Check out 400+ Daniel Johnston videos on YouTube
Thank you for your inquires about cassette tapes selling on ebay.   BUYERS BEWARE.

You are correct to note that when a cassette tape is called an "original," it should NOT be understood to mean that it was made by or even touched by Daniel.  

In this example, from the description it is simply a COPY.   It seems unscrupulous to call it "an original".  At best, it is "an original copy," hand-made by Stress.  It WAS NOT made by Daniel.  It may have been made as recently as 2006. 

Austin's Explosions in the Sky is featured in the both the film version and the television version of Friday Night Lights.
Constant Artists


Houston Chronicle

Jan. 2, 2007, 11:33AM
Texas bands are a Friday Night Lights favorite
From Midland to Austin, the Texas sound makes a splash in NBC TV show 
                             By ANDREW DANSBY

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